Bathroom Vanaties – What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom, one of the best ways to speed up the process is to buy a bath vanity with a sink. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone. But before you purchase a vanity, you need to know a few things. Firstly, you should know that bathroom vanaties are very different from kitchen vanities. The cabinetry used in bathrooms is different than those found in the kitchen.

Secondly, you should consider the design of the vanity. You should choose one with a top at least one inch wider and longer than the cabinet base. Additionally, you should consider the type of sink you want. You can choose a freestanding bathroom vanity or a wall-mounted one. Freestanding vanaties are suitable for small spaces, but they can look cheap in larger bathrooms. Therefore, you should choose carefully the style that complements the rest of your room.

You should keep in mind the height of the vanity, as this will determine its size and shape. A high-quality vanity can be expensive, but it will give your bathroom a natural feel. A wood bathroom vanity is a great choice, but make sure to check the quality of the wood before buying. A wood bathroom vanity will likely last for many years if properly treated, so be sure to look for a protective layer. However, there are also cheaper alternatives. You can choose a cabinet made of Medium Density Fiberboard, which will be easier to clean and waterproof.

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