The Best Types of Bathroom Vanaties

While bathrooms are generally small and have very little floor space, bathroom vanaties can be a great option. These cabinets often combine storage space and a sink, making them a perfect choice for a small bathroom. These are ideal for concealing exposed plumbing and provide a beautiful look. In addition, these cabinets are available in a range of styles and colors. Here are some of the best types of bathroom vanaties to choose from.

Before purchasing a new bathroom vanity, be sure to take the measurements of the room where it will be placed. Be sure to account for any door openings and trim in the room, as well as existing fixtures. The width of the vanity should also be determined by where the plumbing is located. Leaving this space for another area will increase the cost and inconvenience. Remember that the distance from the edge of the vanity to the center of the toilet is 18 inches.

The size of a bathroom vanity is an important consideration. The vanity should be wide enough to fit in the space, without obstructing doorways or disrupting traffic flow. In addition, consider the placement of existing plumbing, as this can affect the width of the vanity. Using an existing plumbing location may also be necessary if the new vanity is too narrow. If you’re remodeling the bathroom, consider the height of the new vanity if you have to relocate it.

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