Pre-K Nap Mats

Prek nap mats are a great way for preschoolers to take a comfortable, safe nap while at daycare or on vacation. They’re also helpful for older children who need a little more comfort when they sleep on the floor.

These mats come in many different fun designs, including dinosaurs, superhero characters, and more. They also roll up for easy storage.

1. Comfort

Pre-mats provide a soft, cushioned place for kids to lie down during nap time. They are ideal for children from 12 months to 3 years old, but can also be used for older preschoolers and school-aged children.

All-in-one nap mats offer a sleeping pad, plush blanket, and pillow that are typically attached together. They are easy to wash and roll up for transport between home and preschool.

One of our favorites is the Sleeping Fish nap mat from Organic Designs. It comes in four adorable designs and can be easily rolled up for convenient transport.

It is a bit thin, but that’s not a problem as it provides a comfortable surface for sleeping. It’s also a good option for preschoolers who are still adjusting to the concept of a nap mat and may need some padding under their bottom to be safe.

2. Durability

Durable mats are a must-have in every classroom. They’re a good choice for keeping students hygienic and can also help to make nap time a more pleasant experience for your little ones!

Durability is a measurement of a product’s ability to stand up to stress or trauma without failing. This is often considered a sign of a high-quality product, and it’s a valued attribute for cars, kitchen appliances, and other durable goods.

We have a variety of products that are durable, from the heavy-duty KinderMat to the all-in-one nap mat set. The all-in-one mats have an attached sleeping pad, plush blanket, and pillow. They roll up and carry easily, making them a great option for transporting between home and school.

3. Design

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, nap time is important to the health and happiness of your kids. Having a quality nap mat on hand at all times is a must. The latest designs feature modern materials and design elements that are durable enough to withstand years of use. Most mats are made in the United States using domestically sourced materials such as vinyl and foam. They are also surprisingly lightweight. Some are so lightweight that you can actually roll them into a little ball. Some even fold up into three or four sections for easy storage.

Having a well-designed rest mat can go a long way toward ensuring that your children are happy, healthy, and ready to learn. Count on Resilite to deliver the goods and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are safe and sound.

4. Made in the USA

Kindergartens and daycares often need nap mats, and if they are made in the USA, they’re safer for children to use.

Peerless Plastics started with the basic Kindermat over 40 years ago and has since expanded its product line to meet almost all school needs. They also manufacture terrific paint smocks and playground parachutes for preschoolers.

Our best Pre k nap mats are made in the USA and meet or exceed all US safety standards. These mats are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

This one from My First Memory is a great option for kindergarten or daycare as it has a removable pillow that can be machine-washed (which helps prevent pilling). It’s also a little thicker than other mats, which makes it more comfortable for kids to sleep on.

This rolled-up, carry-on-sized nap mat is 52’’ long and 20’’ wide and comes with a removable pillow and oversized blanket. It also comes in 22 fun designs like Dinosaurs, Superman, Batman, and more.

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