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Sleeve Definition of Sleeve by Merriam-Webster.
in an honest and open manner used with wear wears his emotions on his sleeve. up one's' sleeve.: held secretly in reserve has a few tricks up her sleeve. Other Words from sleeve More Example Sentences Learn More about sleeve.
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Sleeve Wikipedia.
There are many other proverbial and metaphorical expressions associated with the sleeve, such as to wear one's' heart upon one's' sleeve, and to laugh in one's' sleeve. Sleeve length varies from barely over the shoulder cap sleeve to floor-length. Most contemporary shirt sleeves end somewhere between the mid-upper arm and the wrist.
SLEEVE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
sleeve, at jacket. sleeve note, at liner note. See all meanings. have sth up your sleeve idiom. laugh up your sleeve idiom. an ace up your sleeve idiom. have a card up your sleeve idiom. wear your heart on your sleeve idiom.
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